What is so special about Lu'Lu Naturals skin care products?

We make our products only with freshest all natural ingredients.  You have probably seen other skin care companies claiming the same.  Lots of them do use some natural ingredients, but still retain a number of less desirable and harsh chemicals in their formulas.  What makes our products different is as much about what ingredients we don't use, as it is about the ones we do.  Our product will never contain any paraben, petrolatum. PEG, mineral oils, perfume, parrafins of formaldehyde.  

We encourage our customers to educate themselves about these compounds, to have a better understanding about the products they are using.  We believe it is essential that you read all the ingredients in the products you are putting on your skin.  We believe that you should know what these products are and whether they can have any harmful effects.  In our news section you can find many articles about these harmful chemical compounds that other companies use in their formulations.

Are your products really handmade?

All of our products are made by hand.  We dont use any fancy machines - other than a good old mixer.  In fact, all of our products are designed, formulated, made in, and shipped from our California facility.  We even hand label every jar with a product name and initials of the person who actually made it. 

What is Silverion?

Silverion is a water soluble silver salt of citric acid (Vitamin C).  It is an antimicrobial liquid and it is effective against unwanted skin bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms.  

Do your day lotions provide sun protection?

Our day lotions contain several natural oils which provide both UVA and UVB protection.  Based on the concentration of these oils in our formulas, we estimate that our day lotions have SPF 8.  We have chosen not to incorporate aluminum and titanium oxides in our formulas, as aluminum and titanium are heavy metals which could be harful to your body.  

If you wear makeup, we don't recomend any additional sun protection, as the makeup acts as an additional barrier against solar rays.   As a general precaution we recomend staying out of the sun as much as possible, and using physical barriers such as hats.   If additonal sun protection is absolutely desired we would only recommend using zinc oxide.   

Why are your products only available online?

As our products do not contain any harsh preservatives, they have a much shorter life span than regular store bought products.  Those products can sit on retail shelves for years.   

As our products have a shorter shelf life (about 12 months), it is imperative that we get the products to you at the peak of freshness.  The only way to assure that at this time is online sales.  However, in order to ensure your complete satisfaction and instill confidence in our clients we offer free samples and unconditional money back guarantee.

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