Our Philosophy and Beliefs

Lu`Lu Naturals deeply believes that in doing business we need to, above all, help and benefit our clients.  This, of course, includes doing no harm. This philosophy drives us when making our products and working with our clients.

In today`s world full of deception, where current product offerings from big companies are full of irritating chemicals and carcinogens, we strive to be the beacon of real natural change in our society.

The fact is that today’s consumers are more informed than ever, and have started taking health risks into consideration in making their purchasing decisions. We want to be a source of this beneficial information and frontrunners of a positive change which is already on a horizon.

Being run by smart people, large companies have started offering products that contain some natural ingredients.  Majority of so-called “natural” skin care products from big name manufacturers are a compromise.  While they have some ingredients found in nature, they also still contain harmful chemicals which irritate the skin (just read the ingredients - if you can’t pronounce it, its safe bet it is not natural). These companies are betting that the consumer will not notice these ingredients.

But we have come to this realization and we want you to become aware that at the end of the day all of these chemical end up in a blood stream and cause many health problems – from simple skin irritations, all the way to potential increased cancer risk.

Using these chemicals increases profits. It costs more to use all natural ingredients.  Additionally, things found in nature have much shorter life span than lab created chemicals.  Therefore, products full of synthetic chemicals have a much longer shelf life, which further lowers costs and increases profits.

While this is one way to conduct business, we don’t believe it is socially responsible.

We believe that any skin care product should be health enhancing, and not pose a health risk.  While that might mean lower profit margins, it also means that we do right by our clients.

As a brand we believe that all that is necessary for complete and effective skin care is found in nature.  Our products are free of all the harmful chemicals found in other so called “natural” skin care products.  Lu’Lu skincare line has been carefully developed and fully tested in Europe where it has proven that all natural ingredients do a much better job of caring for your skin then chemical compounds created in lab. 

But that’s not all - In addition to providing a healthy and effective products, we also strive in creating long lasting relationships with our clients. By providing first rate customer service, we believe that just honest and open relationship with our clients can result in full client satisfaction and best customer experience. That is why we offer unconditional money back guarantee on all of our products.

All of this is good old hard work, but that’s the price we are willing to pay in order to make a positive impact in the world we live in.