How it all began:

Lu’Lu Naturals brand was created in response to a need for a complete all-natural skin care & supplements product line in the US market.

I have very sensitive skin, and for years I have been searching for the right skin care products that would provide me with benefits, and at the same time not irritate my skin. I thought that the problem was with me, and that my skin issues were just a fact of life that I would have to live with. 

In speaking with other people with similar problems, I realized that it was the products, that are supposed to be part of the solution, are in fact part of the problem. I started taking closer look at the skin care products I was using. In researching the ingredients I was dumbfounded. 

Majority of the off the shelf skin care products contain chemical compounds which are known skin irritants and potential carcinogens. In researching the reasons why the big skin care companies used these ingredients, I came to realize that it was just to make their products as cheap to produce as possible!

So I started looking for alternatives. But even the brands that advertised themselves as “natural” still used enough lab created chemicals for the product to be less than desirable. Another big disappointment.

And then by chance, during my trip to Europe, I met an energetic person, who had been developing a line of all natural skin care products & supplements and had great feedback from clients.

In our conversations we really felt that we could make a difference and develop an all-natural skin care & supplements product line that will make positive change in people`s lives. 

At the same time we agreed that our endeavor would provide more than just world class skin care & supplements products.  It would have to be supportive of our communities and that our work should be an oasis of doing good for all.

The path we have chosen has been very interesting and rewarding, and has allowed us to bring you the line of products we are extremely proud of and enjoy using ourselves.

Come join us, and experience the best skincare & supplements possible! Be a part of a positive change in our community.